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She appears near the campfire during the day from 06:00 to 19:00. Her stock refreshes every day. Following a certain dialogue branch for the first time gives four Delicious Steaks. 1 Shop 2 Location 3 Profile 4 Quests and Events 4.1 Story ITS BIG BRAIN TIME! Cheesing Chef Mao's Food Delivery | Genshin Impact. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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Here's a guide on this quest. Also read | Is Mono The Thin Man In Little Nightmares 2? Talk to Chef Mao of Wanmin Restaurant. 2: Deliver the food to Atsuko near the Harbor within the specified time. 3: Head to the 3 mission markers and recommend food depending on the costumer. 4: Talk to Chef Mao of Wanmin Restaurant once again. 5: Give Chef Mao a Xiao Lantern.

and Chef Mao at Wanmin Restaurant to receive rewards — and complete all daily orders to get Primogems! Welcome to the honey impact, genshin impact database and guides website. daily 1.0

You can take my price, or you can take your order elsewhere. Paimon: Um, we're sorry, Chef Mao. I'll go set up in Chef Mao's kitchen.

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Assistant chef mao genshin

Yicheng: I've heard that Chef Mao of the Wanmin Restaurant knows how to make Black-Back Perch Stew — you can ask him. Yicheng: As for Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup, I think Herbalist Gui knows the recipe. He works at Bubu Pharmacy in Yujing Terrace if you need to ask him about it. I'll go set up in Chef Mao's kitchen. Ying'er: Go pick three leaves of Mint, then extract the essential oil at a Crafting Bench. I'm sure you're still intimately acquainted with the technique?

Assistant chef mao genshin

She appears near the campfire during the day from 06:00 to 19:00.
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1 Personality 2 Quests and Events 2.1 Story Quests 2.2 Events 3 Shop 3.1 Food and Cooking Ingredients 3.2 Cooking Recipes 4 Idle Quotes 5 Dialogue 6 Trivia 7 Gallery 8 Chef Mao is the Wanmin Restaurant's chef in Liyue Harbor. A list of all relevant NPC (Non Player Character) in Teyvat and their locations. Searching for an item? Find the vendor which sells it! Teucer doesn't want spicy food, but Chef Mao will make something to his particular tastes. A true chef.
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Finally, you reach Nantianmen. A curious ancient tree has quietly stood here throughout the ages, bearing witness to all that has come to pass. To rescue the miner and solve this puzzle once and for all, you proceed to the ancient site that holds all the answers 1 day ago Boss, Wanmin Restaurant. English. Thomas Bello Rivas. Chinese Name. 卯师傅 Mǎo Shīfù.

One of these quests is to help out at the Wanmin Restaurant since Chef Mao is busier than ever before.
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#genshinimpacthello guys, this is the event guide While It's Warm Day 1with Chef Mao (Liyue Harbor) - Wanmin Freshwithout portable teleport waypoint here, ea Genshin Impact‘s Lantern Rite Festival is underway at Liyue Harbor. Travelers can open up their events overview tab to find a few new Lantern Rite Tales available for completion. One of these quests is to help out at the Wanmin Restaurant since Chef Mao is busier than ever before. Wanmin Restaurant Chef Mao food delivery Curious Zi'rui Best route Genshin Impact Day3 Delivery task Next, go to Liyue and speak with Chef Mao at Wanmin Restaurant to pick up the Triple-Layered Consomme recipe. This food item increases party members’ Shield Strength by 20-30% for 300 seconds.